Alumni Association

The Alumni Association of VISHWATMAK OM GURUDEV COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING organized "ALUMNI MEET "- a programme to facilitate, consolidate and coordinate Alumni Activities at VISHWATMAK OM GURUDEV COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING. The planned objective was to interact with the alumni, planning future events,conducting Alumni Satisfaction Survey, Taking Alumni Feedback etc was conducted successfully.


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1. To interact with the Alumni
2. To Plan organize and coordinate alumni association activities and development of sustainability
3. To focus on the fund raising for association activities
4. To plan and design association services for the students
5. To conceptualize and plan a global scale Alumni Meet
6. To discuss on the organogram and discuss about the formation of Executive Council
7.. To conduct among present members Alumni Satisfaction Survey through a supplied format
8. To take alumni feedback on academic activities

Outcome:- The event was stimulating and enjoyable and simultaneously profitable as all members shared their views ideate and good numbers of new ideas, information and insights came up. The association is hopeful to run and successfully structure and position itself into a fully functional global platform for VOGCE Alumni. The alumni Association sincerely expressed its gratitude to the Honourable Trustee and Executive President Shri Umeshji Jadhav for his guidance and support to make this event a grand success.
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