College Rules and Regulations

  1. Students have to attend all the lecture from the first day of the college as per timetable regularly.

  2. Students have to be regular and punctual for the classes [ Theory/Practical / Drawing] and assure attendance of not less than 75% each subject as stipulated by University of Mumbai. They are fully aware that attendance less than 75% in any of the subject will make them loss one academic year.

  3. Students will compulsory follow the dress code and uniform prescribed by the college

  4. Students will conduct themselves in a highly disciplined and decent manner both in and out of Campus and would not do anything which would cause nuisance, failing which suitable action may be taken against themselves as per the rule and regulations of the college

  5. Students will concentrate on their studies without wasting time in the campus / Hostel / Residence and attend all the test to obtain Sessional Marks required as per norms of the UoM, in each Subject. They will have to submit the assignments given, from time to time, to improve their performance.

  6. Students will not Mobile Phone in the College campus if found using the same in the campus it will be confiscated

  7. Students found indulged in Ragging are punishable offence as per the Maharashtra prohibition of Ragging Act, 1999. Rule/Law

  8. Students have to pay tuitions fee and any other dues within the stipulated time as required by the Institute authorities, failing which they have will have to bear the consequences.

  9. Students will not involve in any sort of violence or disturbance both within and outside the college campus. They will obey the higher authorities and will not give any reason do displease them.

  10. Students will not indulge if any anti social activity such as Smoking Drinking and abuse of banned and illegal substances [ Drugs]

  11. Students will not cause any physical harm or otherwise to the property of the college, if they do so, they will be made to pay the damage charges.

  12. In case Students remain absent continuously for 3 days, their parents will have to meet the concerned HOD or Principal.

  13. Students will participate in all the events organized by the institute and will shoulder the responsibility dispensed with them.

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