Vishwatmak Om Gurudev College of Engineering (VOGCE) in the year 2011. VOGCE is located at Mohili-Aghaii on a table top surrounded by hills and blessed with serene, outstanding scenery. VOGCE is approved by A.I.C.T.E. New Delhi recognized by D.T.E and Affiliated to University of Mumbai( For Degree), Affiliated to M.S.B.T.E. (For Diploma). The VOGCE offers degree in Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering & Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering. It also offers Diploma in Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. The college is well connected by rail and road from Mumbai. The nearest railway station is Atgaon on central railway Mumbai-Nashik route. College is well-connected by road from Wada and Shahapur.


Thoughts are more important than Knowledge, Knowledge is limited but thoughts encircle the Globe. The objective of Vishwatmak Jangli Maharaj Trust sponsored VOGCE, is creation of superior human resources for excellence in the respective spheres of work and the emotional to retain that marvel. Deeply inspired by our Holy Sadguru Shri Jangli Das Maharaj to contribute towards the progress and prosperity of the new generations, the VOGCE has been established to nurture the young minds in the pursuit of Knowledge.


To create a bright world, where spirituality meets technology. a world where knowledge has no bounds.


To create a bright world, where spirituality meets technology. A world where knowledge has no bounds.