Vishwatmak Om Gurudev College of Engineering established in the year 2011. This College is approved by A.I.C.T.E. New Delhi recognized by D.T.E. & Govt of Maharashtra and Affiliated to University of Mumbai(For Degree), Affiliated to M.S.B.T.E. (For Diploma). Each student has distinctive caliber. Every year, we organize Dhyan Shibir where each and every student, staff participate to learn and explore the world’s most prime knowledge of Meditation through ‘ATMA'(Soul). This place is a very effective and positively energized Meditation centre. The true welfare and success of human life is in ‘ATMA'(Soul) which is in the heart and the true Lord. The ‘ATMA'(Soul) resides in every heart and the art of loving the ‘ATMA'(Soul) is through Meditation.

We are inspired by the philosophy of our Gurudev Atma Malik Mauli for creating generation that has stronger and calmer minds, which will provides our students with enough opportunities of holistic growth.


‘What the institute wants to become’.

We wish to be known as, spiritual-base Institute, developing self-aware, socially responsible and ethical engineers, to shape a better future for mankind.


’Purpose of the Organization’s existence’

  • To provide holistic technical education of high quality, by means of dedicated faculty and excellent infrastructure and prepare Industry- ready Professionals, who are able to understand the societal
  • To introduce students to an age-old practice of Meditation so that they have calm, confident and focused mind; also to promote sense of social ethics, responsibility and mutual respect.


  1. To become world class Technical
  2. To enhance the learning experience of Students through academics, activities and extra curricular activities
  3. Seek association with industries for meaningful institute-industry interaction.