Department of Engineering Sciences and Humanities (DESH) has been established in 2011 in the holly place of Sadguru and it is divided in seven sections (Communication, Civil, Electronics, Mechanical, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics). DESH is committed to serve the needs of various engineering branches by imparting fundamental knowledge of applied sciences, engineering along with grooming of basic skills through an effective teaching/learning environment. The staff members are very enthusiastic, dynamic and committed towards all the activities the department undertakes. Here mediation for students is part of curriculum. It helps students for mental peace and sharpen the mind.

Department provides an encouraging environment to develop the intellectual capacity, critical thinking, creativity and problem solving ability of its students. In first year itself we offer students hands on experience through mini projects to enhance the abilities like problem definition, prototype design, project planning, execution and team work Department also ensures the enrichment of technical skills, communication and soft skills of students by offering technical writing, communication skills and general seminar courses. Department has language laboratory, Chemistry lab, Physics Lab and work shop. These acquired skills facilitate students a lot in their professional careers globally. They are also closely associated with students through counseling and guidance for curricular, extracurricular activities etc.

In short, DESH aims at grooming the overall personality of students by integrating education, research, skills, social responsibility, public service and values that are inculcated through a unique blend of sciences, engineering and humanities.

In short, DESH aims at grooming the overall personality of students by integrating education, research, skills, social responsibility, public service and values that are inculcated through a unique blend of sciences, engineering and humanities.


“To integrate aspects of Engineering, Applied Sciences and Humanities for grooming students to become competent in diverse areas of engineering and humanities.”


  • Impart fundamental knowledge in engineering, applied science & develop basic skills to achieve Professional excellence.
  • Inculcate ethical, spiritual values and sense of social responsibility for overall personality development
  • Develop technical skills, communication and soft skills for professional career through global exposure.
  • Develop team behavior & project planning abilities amongst students through hands on experience.
Sr. No Name of the Employee Contact Number Designation Qualification Subject Email Id
1 DR. SACHIN MUNDE 8007806419 Assistant Professor and HOD M.Sc., M.Phil, Phd Engineering Chemistry-I                                                                         Engineering Chemistry-II
2 PROF.PRASHANT SURESHRAO BIJWE 9823465071 Assistant Professor M.Sc.(Maths) Engineering Matthematics-I  Engineering Matthematics-II   Engineering Matthematics-III  Engineering Matthematics-IV
3 PROF. VAISHALI  PRAVIN MORANKAR 9689187722 Assistant Professor M.Sc.(Phy)B.Ed COE
4 PROF. HEMANT DEORAM SONAWANE 9604026525 Assistant Professor M.A.(Eng.) B.Ed English                                                                           Business communication skill                                                                        Professional communication Ethics
5 PROF.TEJASWINI NEHE 8097264430 Assistant Professor M.Sc.(Maths) B.Ed Basic mathematics -I                      Applied Mathematics- II                                                 Engineering Matthematics-III                                                                     Engineering Matthematics-IV
6 PROF. MADHURI PATIL 9987281714 Assistant Professor M.Sc.(Chem) B.Ed Basic Chemistry                                                      Applied Chemistry
7 PROF. NEHA SASE 9579532311 Assistant Professor M.Sc(Phy), B.Ed (App) Basic Physics                                      Applied Physics                                          Engineering Physics-I                                                         Engineering Physics-II
8 MR.VINOD HOLE 9420803657 Librarian M.LIB, M.Phil
9 MISS. PALLAVI VISHE 9284888283 Technical Assistant B.Sc (Phy)
10 MISS. SIMA TIWARE 7083593757 Technical Assistant B.Sc.(Chem)

Total Laboratory  with Work Shop 05

Sr No Name of the labs Remark
1 Chemistry Laboratory
2 Physics Laboratory
3 Language Laboratory 25 Students console of ETNL Lang Software license.
4 BEE Laboratory
5 Work Shop
Department of Department of Engineering Sciences and Humanities
Academic Year 2023-24
Sr. No. Date Name of Event Report
1 25-Jan-24 Social Extension Outreach Activity Link
2 13-Sep-23 Guest lecture on competitive exam Link
3 08-Sep-23 Importance of Soft skill Link
4 05-Sep-23 Teachers Day Celebration Link
5 01-Sep-23 Soft skill and Aptitude Link
6 07 Aug to 11 Aug 2023 Induction Programme for batch 2023-24 Link
7 03 Nov 2023 Quiz Competition on Engineering Chemistry Link
Academic Year 2022-23
Sr. No. Date Name of Event Report
1 05-Jun-23 Guest lecture on Importance of biodivercity and beat the plastic pollution Link
2 31-May-23 Parent teacher meeting Link
3 19-May-23 Industrial Visit Link
4 02-May to 06-May 23 Certificate course on Communication Skills Link
5 24-Apr-23 Guest lecture on Scope and importance of computer engineering Link
6 03-Apr-23 Campus Clean Campaign Link
7 29-Mar-23 Guest lecture on Inttelectual property rights Link
8 07-Jan-23 PPT Making Competition Link
9 07-Dec-22 Guest lecture on communication skills Link
10 07-Nov to 11-Nov 22 Induction Programme for batch 2022-23 Link

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 Desh Department

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